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Want to learn how to use Facebook, WordPress, or your Rose Hill Chamber profile? Browse our tutorial video library for quick and easy guides to walk you through every step.

How to Change a Facebook Page Profile Picture

With Facebook’s new business page layout change, you might be confused on how to change your page profile picture. Having a business page profile picture is essential, and this tutorial video will teach you exactly how to set one up. It’s easy to do, and you can use pictures directly from Facebook, or pictures saved […]

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How to Track Post Views on Facebook

Want to see who is viewing your posts on your business Facebook page? Learn how to track post views on Facebook with our tutorial video! You can see how many people have looked at each post, and figure out which posts are your most popular. It’s great idea to track which posts do well, so […]

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How to Boost a Facebook Post

Do you want to get more people to see your posts? Facebook lets you boost posts for a little money. This tutorial video will explain what it means to boost a Facebook post, and how you ensure your post is shared with the right audience. Video Transcript: When you boost a post, you are paying […]

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How to Use Tags and Hashtags on Facebook

Curious about easy ways to connect with others? Learn how to use tags and hashtags on Facebook with our quick tutorial video! These two powerful tools will help you reach out to other businesses, or find people who wouldn’t find your page otherwise. Video Transcript: Tagging and hashtagging are two excellent techniques to help your […]

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How to Post Photos on a Business Facebook Page

Do you want to share that awesome selfie with your customers? Just snapped the perfect picture of your office? Learn how to post photos on a business Facebook page with this tutorial video! Video Transcript: Sharing photos on your business page is easy! If you want to post photos, click on the “Photo/Video” link on […]

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How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

If you are planning ahead, you may want to create Facebook posts ahead of time. There is a way to schedule posts on Facebook so they appear at a later date. Watch this tutorial video to learn how to schedule posts on Facebook! Use this tool to schedule posts when you’ll be out of the […]

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How to Save Drafts on Facebook

Before you post anything to your Facebook business page, you will probably want to preview it to see how it will look. This can be done when by saving the post as a draft. The video will teach you how to save drafts on Facebook, so you can preview your posts before publishing them. Video […]

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How to Share Links on a Business Facebook Page

You may encounter a website or blog post that you want to show your followers on Facebook. In that case, you’ll need to know how to share links on a business Facebook page. Watch this tutorial video to learn how to post links on your business page. Video Transcript: Sometimes you may want to share a […]

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How to Invite Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

Do you want more likes on your Facebook business page? You can actually invite people to ‘like’ your page! This short tutorial video will show you just how easy it is to invite friends and contacts to help promote your business. Get the word out about your presence on social media! Video Transcript: Looking for […]

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How to Update Your Facebook Business Page About Section

Your Facebook business page about section contains all kinds of important information about your business. Customers will look here to find your address, hours, website, and more. It’s very important to fill this section out! Learn how to set up your Facebook business page about section and keep it updated with our helpful tutorial video. Video […]

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How to Use the Rose Hill Chamber Swap Section

The Rose Hill Chamber swap section is a free online marketplace that anyone in the Rose Hill area can use. You can buy and sell items locally using the Swap feature on our website. Video Transcript: Welcome to the Rose Hill Chamber website! Our site offers several unique features that anyone can use. One service […]

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