How to Boost a Facebook Post

Do you want to get more people to see your posts? Facebook lets you boost posts for a little money. This tutorial video will explain what it means to boost a Facebook post, and how you ensure your post is shared with the right audience.

Video Transcript:

When you boost a post, you are paying money to help you gather more views and reactions. Boosted posts appear higher up on people’s news feeds, so they are more likely to be seen.

To boost a post, click the blue “Boost Post” button in the bottom right-hand corner of your post. A pop-up window will appear with a preview of your post and and several options to choose from.

First, you need to choose your audience. You can either market your post to people who have already liked your page, or you can market your post to specific demographic. If you’d like to customize your audience, click on “Create New Audience,” and specify the demographic you want to reach.

Create a name for your audience, so you can use it later. Choose the gender and age range you want to market your post to. You can also change the location, although most of the time you’ll want it to be the same area as your business. Finally, Facebook lets you specify interests. There are hundreds to choose from, so start typing and see what comes up. Try to think about what kinds of people would like to see your post. When you are satisfied with your demographic, click the blue save button at the bottom.

Next, set your budget. In the drop-down menu, select what price you are willing to pay. Below this, you’ll see an estimate of how many people you can reach with the budget specified.

Select the duration, or how long you want your post to be boosted.

If you don’t already have one on file, add a payment method. When everything is completed the way you want it, click the “Boost” button.

If you are planning on boosting a post with an image, you should be aware of Facebook’s rule about text. Facebook states that a boosted image cannot be more than 20% text. Be careful not to boost images that have too much text.

Boosting your posts is a great way to ensure lots of people see them. It’s worth your time to set aside some room in the budget for boosting your posts on Facebook.

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