Use Video to Make a Strong Impression

Lee Media Group has created award-winning marketing campaigns for clients of ours such as the National Aviation Consortium. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to drive traffic back to the landing page of the website Lee Media Group built for NAC and to convey the overall intention of closing the skills gap in manufacturing and aviation.

Our team wanted to create an especially memorable call to action, so we designed and created interactive video brochures to showcase the newly produced video.

Video brochures create more of a digital “wow” factor to describe your business with short clips that are easily changed as your business services and strategy changes. Contact us to learn more or stop by for demonstration!

Wow Your Audience

Custom video brochures are a fun, interactive way to present your products or services to new audiences.

Our team can work with you to design and create a video brochure that is unique to your business and your goals. The process is simple:

  • Do you have a video? If not, we can help!
  • After we have determined the best size and format for your needs, we will design all elements needed for the final product
  • When all designs are approved, files will be shipped off for production
  • Once we receive the final product, we will load your video and deliver them to you

This format is incredibly flexible and can be used for large presentations and even face-to-face meetings. You will have the ability to change out the video whenever you like making it easy to tailor it for different situations.

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