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5 stars
Lee Media Group does a fantastic job with all of our on-line needs. From our web site, Google ads and Social Media, they take care of everything. From the start you’ll find their team energetic, creative and responsive. Being a local company, they understand the Wichita culture, our customers and are aware of what is going on in the area. Mia, and the Lee Media staff have helped our company compete and succeed even with the presence of larger national companies.
5 stars
Mia, Tabytha, and the entire team at Lee Media are RockStars! I recently partnered with Lee Media Group to create a custom apparel website/ordering platform for one of my Banking customers... From building, testing, and launching the new site the Lee Media Group have exceeded my expectations, and more importantly, they have exceeded the expectations of my Banking customer. I will definitely be partnering with Lee Media Group on future projects.
5 stars
Great communication, great product. Thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Google Reviews

Web Reviews

We are a small company and we started growing and we immediately recognized the need to have a marketing presence. Lee Media Group has helped us have a uniform message across social media, our website, and other promotional materials so that we can protect our brand and grow our brand! It’s been very helpful and I would recommend any of sort of business that’s looking for marketing services to please reach out to Lee Media. They offer very personable and consistent interaction so we really enjoy it!

Vicki Bond, Medical Provider Resources
5 stars

I resisted hiring someone to help me with marketing – I thought I could do it all. Lee Media Group has opened so many doors and windows of opportunity for me, and it’s effortless and FUN! They are creative, friendly, helpful – and FANTASTIC at what they do. Words can’t express my thanks enough!!!

Tena Mason, On A Ledger Accounting
5 stars

[Lee Media Group] helped us replace a very poorly functioning website that was costing us a ton of money every year in maintenance and licensing fees. It was a no brainer – we knew right away that the ROI was going to be one year or less. We’re always adding features or functionality to the website… We’ve tried to create a place where everything is in one spot and it’s easy to get to.

Any time we have problems, or we think we’re having problems, they’re right on it… They just do it right on the spot, and it’s ready to go. We just never have to wait for anything, it seems like it’s just always done immediately… I can’t think of a better place to be than Lee Media Group.

Ed Sippel, Kansas Imaging Consultants
5 stars

We used Lee Media Group to create our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool in our office. We dreamed up an entire system, and they made everything happen. We wanted drip campaigns to go out to people with the click of a button, and now they do… We had dozens of systems in our office that have now been automated through this tool.

In the first year of using it, we were able to increase business by 30%. The second year, we saw increases around 25%, and we just continue growing our business because of this powerful tool.

We went from using a spreadsheet to manage all of our customers to a powerful, dynamic system. It has transformed our business. Our relationship with Lee Media Group is so valuable. It’s one of the best decisions that I’ve made in business. I can’t speak highly enough about them.

Tyler Patterson, Patterson Legal Group
5 stars

I began working with Lee Media Group about six years ago to develop my business. I needed to not only have the capability to collect payments from my customers, but I also had to have a way to manage their accounts as well as give them the ability to manage their own accounts and interact with one another. As we developed the functionality of the website, I think that it attracted new customers to our business.

We have been working to develop customized reporting and automation systems. By doing that, we have had the ability to save a tremendous amount of time and money, and it has given me the time to be able to focus on more important things like business development and growth which is pretty awesome.

We’ve developed a highly interactive, complex website, and I don’t believe that we would have been able to develop such a successful website if not for the fact that Lee Media Group truly understands my business and my business goals. Lee Media Group has become a very valuable and very intricate part of my business, and I couldn’t be prouder of what we have built together.

Elizabeth Hotaling, Adventurous Babes Society
5 stars
Ella Reusser, Patterson Legal Group

We’re thrilled with our new Patterson Legal Group intranet! Setting it up with Tabytha was a smooth sail, and now it’s changing the game for us. This tool brings our team closer, amps up our efficiency, and acts as a central hub for everything from ticketing to reporting monthly statistics.  It’s the catalyst that has brought us closer together, supercharged our efficiency, and made us a more connected and unstoppable team.

5 stars

Lee provides marketing support to our real estate group. Response is immediate and cost is affordable.

5 stars

The team helped make some really quick work out of some website updates we needed. Easy to work with and wonderful group!

5 stars

We have been with Lee Media about a year now and it has been wonderful! They are easy to work with and always understand our vision. They have certainly taken our marketing to a new level. Not to mention they are just great ladies to know!

5 stars

It has been a great experience working with Lee Media Group. They are the administrators of our website, Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County and we could not be more pleased with their level of customer service and expertise. Tabytha has been essential in achieving our web goals! Over the years the team at Lee Media Group has helped us create and improve our webpage so CCALAC may better engage our members. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Lee Media Group!

1 stars

Lee Media Developed our web site. Mia and her team are the absolute best in customer service and execution. We couldn’t be happier with the results of their work.

5 stars

Lee Media has done outstanding work for the WSU Tech Foundation! They are a caring, creative, community invoked local agency that delivers a high quality product!

5 stars
Gracia Burnham, Gracia Burnham

We wanted a customized program for a large database and was told it couldn’t be done. The Lee Media team wrote a program for us to suit our needs and did it fast. We continually make changes as our organization’s needs change – they are very efficient in getting those special request taken care of as well.

5 stars
Courtney Sendall, Pull A Plane

The Lee Media Group team always goes above and beyond to meet my needs as their clients and to anticipate future opportunities for improvement with our website.

5 stars

With our companies ever-changing dynamics and demands, Lee Media Group has always been there to keep us up to date! Their customized work on our company website has generated interest in our business and has been a blessing in showcasing our capabilities.

5 stars
Great company. Creative and professional
5 stars
Dr. Scott Lucas, Kansas Council for Workforce Education

“We had absolutely no outlet for event registration and payment. Now it can all be done online.”

5 stars
Jessica Atherton, INTRUST Bank

Tabytha is an unsung hero of web development but is deserving of every spotlight available. She managed the seamless launch of our internal apparel and promotional merchandise website, which she completed in under five weeks, a nearly insurmountable task in having to build the site from the ground up while also structuring the platform to integrate with an inventory database and internal network.

Every detail was managed with precision, and each challenge was delivered along with a solution, making the process nearly effortless from my perspective. I’ve been involved in numerous web development projects in my career, and none were so efficient. Tabytha is an accomplished web developer with a passion for her craft, and I have the utmost respect for her as a pillar of marketing excellence.

5 stars
Natasha Gandhi-Rue, The Kitchen

Mia and her team met and exceeded my expectations! They really spend the time to understand your business, your goals and then how they can use their expertise to help you. They are creative and provide thorough, well designed services.

5 stars
Douglas Kelsey, AOSHS

As a representative (Board Member of the the non-profit American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS)), the experience of working with Lee Media Group was outstanding and the product developed was exceptional. The product we were asking them to create was a bit atypical. They were able to take the nuances and unique aspects of our organization and create a product that exceeded our expectations. Not only was the product exceptional, the working relationship between our organization and Lee Media Group was outstanding. The communication was constant and effective. The knowledge and skill of their staff was incredible. A more collegial relationship was not possible. AOSHS continues to contract with Lee Media Group to assist us with maintaining and modifying our website. The process of this maintenance and assistance has been flawless. AOSHS will continue to seek Lee Media Group’s professional service for any additional needs we have. We could not be more pleased with the product developed and the process to develop it.

5 stars
Ross Way, Anderson Management Company

Lee Media has been great to work with on our website design and maintenance, and our marketing brochures.

5 stars

Mia, Tabytha, and the entire team at Lee Media are RockStars! I recently partnered with Lee Media Group to create a custom apparel website/ordering platform for one of my Banking customers. This build was super complex due to all of the requirements and security protocols required by the Bank. The Lee Media team navigated many meetings with several different departments within the Bank including HR, Accounting, Inventory Management, and their Cyber Security team with grace and professionalism. From building, testing, and launching the new site the Lee Media Group have exceeded my expectations, and more importantly, they have exceeded the expectations of my Banking customer. I will definitely be partnering with Lee Media Group on future projects.

5 stars

We love working with Lee Media Group! They are very knowledgeable and have helped us expand into digital marketing, which we have seen great results.

5 stars

Web Developer is highly knowledgeable and works hard on projects with no drama and little issues. Grateful to have their expertise in our corner.

5 stars
Troy Hagerman, U-STOR Self-Storage

Lee Media Group does a fantastic job with all of our online needs. From our website, Google ads, and social media, they take care of everything. From the start, you’ll find their team energetic, creative, and responsive. Being a local company, they understand the Wichita culture, our customers and are aware of what is going on in the area. Mia and the Lee Media staff have helped our company compete and succeed even with the presence of larger national companies.

5 stars
Adam Tannehill, The Athletic Advisor

Wonderful experience! Lee Media went above and beyond our expectations. They made sure we were completely satisfied with our product from beginning to end. Highly recommend.

5 stars
Gavin Thunberg, MidPoint Capital & Marketing

The girls at Lee Media have helped me grow my business exponentially over the last 2 years! They developed my brand, website, and social media presence with precision and excellence. I look to continue this great relationship and true team effort with the girls of Lee Media for many years to come!

5 stars
Martin J. Keenan, Marty Keenan, Attorney-at-Law

After listening, Lee Media Group collaborated with me and put together a fabulous website and other features based on what I told them. They did this for my law firm, Marty Keenan, and it has made the difference between success and failure. They know what it takes to succeed in advertising TODAY. Lee Media Group is way smarter than me about what they do. But they know the customer is an expert on one thing: the customer’s business. I expect most advertising executives or operatives to be arrogant and interrupt: “Here’s what you need.” Lee Media Group finds out what you need and then makes it happen. They join knowledge of tech with keen insights about people.

5 stars
Monica Maack Tiller, AOSHS

It all began with your designs at Lee Media Group…

Our business identity has developed in the past year with the beginning of the new website design in Spring 2019 through this visual compilation. Our new logo/seal introduced last Fall, and logotype/color palette first introduced on our website is shown on the graphic through our online presentations via computer, mobile devices, and social media (Facebook).

This lead to the development of our new letterhead, return address labels and business card, followed by our Spring 2020 AOSHS Quarterly newsletter, package stickers (with our logo/seal), Rack Card, and finally, our new façade signage.

Put together, you can now see our “look” for which we have you and your team to thank!

5 stars
Gayle Goetz, Pull a Plane / WSU Tech Foundation

Lee Media Group is doing an excellent job of managing the project and moving it forward to achieve our needs… If not for their leadership of the website side of the project, we would still be working on a home page. The knowledge and abilities of their team has truly blown us away!

They have the ability to gather information and ideas from all angles at the same time as providing leadership and direction. The website is quite complicated and incorporates both team formation and fundraising and connects with a banking site to accept pledges and funds.

We are so glad to have the Lee Media Group team on our team. And, having worked with several other companies in the past, I strongly urge you to try the best – Lee Media Group!

5 stars
Thirza Bird, Ava Said

I have had so many compliments regarding my website design and everyone loves the artistry that went on to put it together. I couldn’t be more pleased about how well the process went with this project. I gave Mia and her team an idea of how I wanted the website to look and I didn’t have to say much after our first meeting because they understood exactly what I envisioned. Again, I couldn’t be more pleased with what this team has done. Thank you for the GREAT art you created, Lee Media Group!

5 stars
Kelley Germaine, AOSHS

As the website overseer for American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS), we are very happy and satisfied with our choice of hiring Lee Media Group (LMG) to create for us a new website.  We had a website that had stumbled for years from its creation in the 70’s to now.  Initially it was good but we added and adapted over the years but never truly updated.  LMG was always responsive and engaged in communicating with us throughout the process. 

LMG worked with us on our unique non-profit corporation but more so wanted to understand our background, our artifacts and the international venue we represent as members and the Department of Defense Dependents Schools employees.  LMG took our elements from the existing website, adapted them to the new and added the total facelift that was needed to catapult us to a worldwide audience to ‘preserve our legacy’.  We continue to work with them so that our endeavors of digitization come to fruition as well as making our memorabilia and artifacts accessible to anyone.

5 stars
Mark Rogers, Shocker Sports Properties

Last year, we enlisted Lee Media Group to design and build an “official ticket giveaway” website for our sponsors to promote ticket contests. We needed the site up quickly and their team went to work to create a custom, Shocker-themed website with a simple menu layout and easy to navigate contest entry forms. They are efficient and responsive with a fast turnaround time. We’re extremely grateful for their work and look forward to our upcoming project.

Our organization is so happy with the success we’ve had with Lee Media Group, we have signed on to partner with them again for the 2019-2020 school year. They will create collateral and signage for Shocker Sports Properties and Wichita State Athletics by crafting a variety of pamphlet, schedule cards, and posters, and digital signage graphics. Shocker Sports Properties is looking forward to another winning year with the Lee Media Group team!

5 stars
Micki Debbrecht, Kansas Surgical Consultants

LMG made the Kansas Surgical Consultants website much more user and mobile friendly. The new site makes it much easier for patients to find surgical information, download patient forms, and leave us feedback! Our top priority is patient care. Now our easy to navigate website does just that for our patients as they research, prepare for surgery, and get in touch with us with any questions throughout the recovery process. Our website is much more of an easily searchable resource for patients now. We absolutely love it!

5 stars
Debi Devor, White Eagle Credit Union

WECU’s new website has made my job much easier. It’s so easy to add or update content quickly compared to our old CMS – I can change anything now! Our website analytics have gone up drastically and sessions are longer for site visitors now. Our staff has called this site ‘vibrant’ and ‘user-friendly.’ Your team was awesome and easy to work with. Thank you!

5 stars
Cindi Unruh, Independent Living Resource Center

Lee Media Group has done an amazing job redoing our website, and we couldn’t be happier.  Lee Media Group brought a lot of great ideas to the table to update and enhance our website and to make it more user-friendly directing people to various areas about who we are, what we do and how we can help people.

5 stars
Brooke Hughes, All Seasons Cooling & Heating

One of our long-time customers said our new site was awesome and even signed up for a service contract after seeing it was offered on the website (he was unaware it was available beforehand). Others have commented on how clean it looks.

Of course, we are loving having people request appointments on the website and have had a few people pay their bill online after adding the option at the bottom of the invoices.

The most compliments have been on the timeline. Everyone has loved the timeline! They have said it makes us look even more like a family owned business and very approachable.

5 stars
Connie Erbert, Autism Avenue + Greater Expectations

Collaborating and working with Lee Media Group has culminated into a website that exceeds our expectations on so many levels! Thank you to Mia, Erin, Tabytha, Kelsey, and Dani from Lee Media Group! Your efforts have given us a great vehicle with which to continue our mission!

5 stars
Katherine Wallace, Holy Cross Lutheran Church & School

We have been blessed with Lee Media Group’s professional staff and services they have provided, including support almost 24/7, patience with questions and technical support, changes in design, layout, and fluency, guidance and creative inspiration for both sites, not to mention a fun bunch of people who I feel blessed to call my friends.

5 stars
Lovina Finders, Rose Hill Recreation Commission

Over the last many years I have built and maintained the website for 2 organizations: Rose Hill Recreation and the Rose Hill Fall Festival. The layout was overly simple and pretty ugly. Both organizations made the decision to engage Lee Media Group to throw out the old and bring us into the 21st Century with sleek and professional websites. The new RHRC site allowed a clean online registration capability and mobile access. It was a complete overhaul, and Lee Media’s Erin Thompson was amazing throughout the entire process. What a professional! 

5 stars
Terri Ingram, Protection Shelters

When we (Protection Shelters LLC) recently decided to revamp our website the reaction we got was “WHY? Your website is great!” Of course we knew that, so when we wanted to change we knew that since Lee Media Group had done it for us originally they were the ONLY ones to help us freshen up our look. We are thrilled with the new design and customers have commented on how interesting and eye catching they find our homepage making them want to “surf around” the entire site. Everyone at Lee Media Group is very helpful, patient and quick to address any questions we have.

5 stars
Tamra Zogleman, Protection Shelters

You have been so helpful in our website progression over the years. We have had several hundred requests and receive lots of compliments on our website and Company DVD. You have also been great at helping us to get started promoting with social media/Facebook and we look forward to continuing our long relationship!

5 stars
Dana Schirer, Wichita Area Technical College / WSU Tech

In 2015 with funds from the National Aviation Consortium (a $14.9 million project funded by the US Department of Labor), the Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) was envisioned to expand the mission of the NAC grant and the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT). The newly formed TSC sought to become an industry-recognized provider or workforce and talent development solutions for aviation manufacturing. Lee Media Group (LMG) was hired as the advertising firm to provide marketing, website design, and collateral development for TSC. After failed attempts with a different firm, LMG stepped in to also provide TSC with a relevant, creative logo and associated branding materials.

Additionally, LMG assisted the TSC team in creating a customer relationship management (CRM) database to log TSC’s new contacts and associated relationship information. They understood the long-term vision for the database, and the necessity of it in relation to growing and sustaining TSC as an independent organization. They provided numerous hours of support and revisions in order to get the database to meet TSC’s needs.

LMG was always available to discuss a new idea or to strategize on how to convey our vision and goals to a broader audience. They were not afraid to take on a new challenge with developing a creative and effective conference business display; or, in identifying all possible alternative website domain names when the first one was already in use. Lee Media Group made it their mission to ensure they fully understood the breadth of the project in order to meet the high expectations placed upon them by TSC and NAC. Lee Media Group met and exceeded those expectations!

I cannot recommend the LMG team enough after all their hard work and dedication in providing our grant projects with accurate and visually appealing materials that depict the mission of each project. We could not tell our story without Lee Media Group!

5 stars
Laura Daily & Teresa Mears, Managing Partners, Living on the Cheap

The Custom Event Calendar was a “wish-list” project for Living On The Cheap after we converted to a new network-wide theme. Because of the plugin created by Lee Media Group we are now able to not only automate many of our event calendars (which before took us hours of manual data entry on a weekly basis), but create custom calendars for specific weeks or inclusive of specific events, such as those that are free.

And we haven’t even tapped into the plugin’s full potential, such as allowing readers to search by city or venue. We also have been pleased with Lee Media Group’s ability to “tweak” the plugin and its features as we continue to deploy it to more sites and find more ways to incorporate it into our websites.

In essence, the custom plugin has given our publishers and editors more time to focus on content and marketing. That, in turn, allows us to further monetize our sites and generate additional income. The bottom line is that the Custom Event Calendar Plugin was well worth the investment.

5 stars
Jason Jones, President, Rose Hill Chamber of Commerce

Lee Media Group has done wonders for the Rose Hill Chamber of Commerce as they have revamped our website from the ground up. They have gone above and beyond with helping our members set up their own websites providing more benefit to their businesses. Their dedication to providing the best web design service is second to none and has greatly improved our business community.

5 stars
Alex Medina, Community Clinic Association of L.A. County

The staff at Lee Media Group have been professional, delivered services on time (some times sooner), and have been a valued partner since the beginning… They have also helped create tutorials for my staff, done quick and speedy troubleshooting, and have been more than willing to answer the question “Hey, is this possible?” I’m very impressed with their work and continue to mention them anytime someone is looking for a new website vendor.

5 stars
Dana James, Community Clinic Association of L.A. County

Lee Media Group’s whole team is responsive, supportive and above all effective! Working with them has been easy, breezy and fun. I’ve learned a lot from their team and their willingness to share their knowledge has helped me to grow professionally as well as exceed expectations in my projects. You couldn’t ask for better partners!

5 stars
Amanda Wurth, Educational Design Solutions

We love the beginning stages of our new website and social media campaign! Mia has been wonderful to work with and so supportive to our wants and needs. Thank you Lee Media Group!

5 stars
Mike Tanner, Wayman Oil Company

She came to our facility, took photos, gathered history and we discussed our company and what we do. Mia took that information and developed our website… It is obvious to us that she is an asset to Wayman Oil Company and we look forward to a long relationship with Lee Media Group.

5 stars
Trish Pulliam, Spirit/Boeing Employees’ Association

They were very knowledgeable and did everything to help create our new website as well as giving us ideas on how to improve our services to our members. They have always made us feel like they appreciated our business and did a lot to help make us feel like they wanted what was best for us and not just what we thought we wanted on our website. They had awesome ideas and we would recommend them to everyone who is interested in having a website built or a new make over on an existing website. Thanks Lee Media Group for a wonderful job.

5 stars

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