Doctor scheduler and internal staff portal built from scratch for group of radiologists across Kansas

Kansas Imaging Consultants (KIC) is a radiology practice of more than 20 sub-specialty trained radiologists who provide professional services for hospitals and imaging centers across the state of Kansas. They partner with smaller hospitals in rural areas to provide services both remotely and on-site when needed.

Because their service area is so large, their radiologists are often in different locations. In order to keep everyone connected and on track, they needed some custom tools, like the Doctor Scheduler Tool and the Staff Portal, that would make tasks like scheduling and tracking expenses and little easier.

The Doctor Scheduler Tool

The Doctor Scheduler <strong>Tool</strong>

KIC had been using a web application to manage the scheduling for their doctors, but it was costing them a large annual licensing fee, and it didn’t always work the way they needed it to. It required them to use outdated software to access it, and they often had problems accessing information. Since it was a pre-packaged solution, there was no room for customization or improvement beyond what the developers were willing to do.

We worked to develop a web-based solution that meets their scheduling requirements, is customized based on their needs and can be accessed from all devices. The best part: since we built the system from the ground up, beyond the initial development and support costs, there is no annual license fee. The new system gives them the ability to manage the daily schedules for all of their doctors. Doctors and staff are able to log in and view or print the schedule each week. The administrator is able to manage accounts and permissions for anyone who needs access.

Internal Staff Portal

Internal <strong>Staff Portal</strong>

KIC was so pleased with the success of the Doctor Scheduler Tool that they asked us to build an internal system used by doctors, staff members and other hospitals. The staff portal was created with integration of the Doctor Scheduler in mind. Since that has been custom built, it was easily expandable to include new custom tools:

  1. Call Backs allow tracking of procedures performed each day.
  2. Employee Directory is a searchable directory of all staff.
  3. Sites is a database of the various medical offices KIC supports.
  4. Vendors is a database of accounts and contact information.
  5. Inventory is a database of company assets and passwords.
  6. Expense Report allows staff to enter and track their expenses.
  7. Messaging allows for secure internal messaging.
  8. Texting allows the system admin to send out text message alerts.
  9. Forms, Apps, & How-Tos is a repository of staff resources.

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