Interactive video brochures to help raise money to install solar panels in the Maize school district

Earlier this year, Lee Media Group was honored to design video brochures that are being used to promote the Maize Solar Initiative. The goal of this program is to raise funds to install solar panels for the Maize School District. Solar panels, not only decrease the district’s carbon emissions and overall carbon footprint, but will save them money. The video brochures our team designed give them a fun, interactive way to show potential donors a quick video explaining the project and why it is important to help fund it. Video format can be more effective than traditional paper brochures as audiences today are far more visual. The brochures have made it easier for the district to consistently deliver key information and raise funds for the initiative.

Support the Cause

Donors can help fund a program to benefit both the environment and education with the help of our video brochure! You can learn more about this project or make a donation at https://seebeyondmaize.com/

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