How to Efficiently Get Likes on a Business Facebook Page

Looking for a more efficient way to get likes on your business page? Tired of sending out ads to random friends of friends? Target your invites to people who have already expressed an interest in your page! This video tutorial will teach you how to market to people who have “liked” one of your posts, but not your entire business page.

Video Transcript:

Perhaps the best way to get more likes for your page is to market to those people who have already expressed an interest in your business. Someone may “like” one of your posts without “liking” your entire business page. Here’s how to invite those people to support your page.

At the bottom of each post, you should see a link showing how many people have “liked” that post. If there are no likes, there won’t be a link. Click on this link to bring up a detailed list.

Next to each person’s name on the right, you can see if they have liked or been invited to like your page. It’s a good idea to invite anyone who hasn’t been invited already. Since they have already expressed interest in your business, there is a greater chance they will “like” your page. Simply click on the “Invite” button, and Facebook will place your business in their list of suggested pages.

Keeping track of who likes your posts is a great way to get more likes for your page!

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