A Love Letter to My Team of Rose Hill Besties

The first day I walked in to Lee Media Group after accepting the position of creative writer, I was courteous, but still guarded. As a freelance writer and editor for the past four years, I was reluctant about giving up my freedom and flexibility to join an office environment. I liked my solace and most of all, wearing the official freelance uniform – pajama pants.

In three short months I’ve embraced wearing makeup and pants every day, and learned that the best part of working in an office, well, this office anyway, is the very thing I’d been avoiding all these years, the team.

The Lee Media Group TeamLee Media Group is not only a woman-owned company, we are a female dominated company. Except for our mascot, Sparky the dog, and our part time web assistant, Kiehn. ‘Sup fellas?

Each woman has a unique talent that inspires the rest of the group. Please indulge me as I tell them how much their creativity means to me.

Dear Tabytha, our shy kickass lady coder, you create the coolest stuff including the recent Doc Scheduler Tool. I can’t believe you just whipped that up one day. You do what mere mortals cannot.

Ashleigh, you share my love of all things QuikTrip-related and introduced me to the best drink ever – Cherry Limeade and Dr. Pepper. As the office IT expert you keep our client’s websites safe and secure. I appreciate the fact that you never externally roll your eyes when I ask a dumb question.

Tabytha and Ashleigh, I’m still learning about your secret world of computer-y things. Your hallway is equal parts intimidating and awesome.

Morgan, our vibrant office manager. You keep everyone on task. Soon you’ll be on maternity leave and even though you have dainty little feet, you’ve got big shoes to fill. We’ll all need to step up our A-game while you’re gone.

Kelsey! Hallway Buddy! You’re a graphic design extraordinaire whose nimble fingers easily navigate through Adobe Creative Suite making images, logos, flyers and posters with precision. Also, you listen to my random stories that don’t always have a clear point. You’re precious that way.

Mia, I have stalked admired you from afar for many years. Your business acumen and knowledge of a niche profession (web development) are flat-out inspiring. Though you run the office with a laid-back demeanor, your mind is always churning out new marketing ideas, client solutions and opportunities for growth.

Ladies, thank you for helping me with this transition from cave dweller to team player. I’m proud of the projects we’ve completed together the past few months, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future. But I still miss my Hello Kitty pants. Baby steps.

About Tabytha

Tabytha leads our team in programming and database functionality and specializes in creating custom web apps, writing secure code, and handling sensitive data. Read More About Tabytha.

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