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In September 2015, the National Aviation Consortium (NAC) asked Lee Media Group to design a pamphlet/flyer or other takeaway item that Wichita Area Technical College President, Sheree Utash, could give to the attendees of the National Aviation, Aerospace, & Defense Workforce Summit in Washington D.C. We went beyond their expectations when we produced and assembled 250 video brochures. This was just one aspect of a digital advertising campaign that encompassed multiple elements:

  • Video Brochure
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Call to Action
  • Social Media Campaign, including live tweets and posting during the summit
  • Hashtag #NACSUMMIT
  • Live Stream Video of the event

Each brochure features the NAC logo on the front, contact information on the back, and when opened, the device automatically plays a high quality one minute, 15 second video. The video uses narration, live action, and motion graphics to convey the goal of the NAC – closing the skills-gap in manufacturing and aviation. The design of the brochure was intended to drive traffic to the website landing page using a call to action. We integrated the capability for the Summit to be streamed LIVE from Washington D.C. and broadcast the video from the page. You can check out the livestream archive on YouTube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


We wanted to clearly illustrate the skills gap and the problem it poses within the aviation and manufacturing sectors so we used a combination of motion graphics and live action video. The NAC has powerful statistics about future workforce vacancies. Motion graphics helped bring those words to life. For example, we used a stock-like ticker to illustrate how serious and rapid the 10-year change will occur. Live action video filmed onsite at the National Center for Aviation Training facility gave more dimension to the piece, breaking up the flying text and graphics.

While the planning for the National Aviation, Aerospace, & Defense Workforce Summit began months prior to the event and all the campaign elements had been determined, we still felt there was a need for a clever takeaway. Adding to the excitement of creating such an innovative product was the time crunch factor. From the moment we committed to the project, we had just four short weeks to put all the necessary elements together.

The brochures (250 of them) arrived at our office on the last possible day. We spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon loading the actual videos onto each brochure, then testing each one before sending them off on their own special flight to Washington. We wrote about the project on our website –


On the day of the National Aviation, Aerospace, & Defense Workforce Summit, we gathered in our conference room to watch the event via live stream, and share it through social media. President Utash delivered a passionate keynote speech about the Department of Labor grant that funded the consortium, then played the video. After sharing her final thoughts on the future of NAC beyond the grant, she paused before leaving the stage and picked up one of the brochures holding it so the national audience could see.

Spontaneous applause and cheers erupted from our conference room at Lee Media Group as Sheree smiled and announced, “I would also add that there is a handout for you…this has been creatively produced and it might be the first time you’ve ever seen a video brochure. It was the first time I had seen one. It also has a charger port so you can watch this video as many times as you want. All the contact information is in here…we encourage you to share this when you get back home. We thought it might be more exciting for you to share a video brochure than just a regular one.”

You can see a clip of the video here:

In addition to the high profile visibility this project received thanks to the NAC Summit, we have since received phone calls and emails from multiple people asking about the specifics of the device, and how we created such a polished product in a short amount of time.  The video brochure really stole the show!

Other Comments:

The NAC video brochure was part of a full-circle campaign including landing page, video creation, brochure design, and finally LIVE tweets and posts to Twitter and Facebook during the summit. The hashtag #NACSUMMIT made it easy for people to access Summit information in real-time thanks to the digital campaign we developed.

On the NAC Careers website, we built a place where the information could still be accessed after the summit: Get Engaged Landing Page

Lee Media Group would like to give special thanks to Colby Turybury, Motion Graphics and Video.

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