Is Your Website Phone Number Smartphone-ready?

Telephone Link Before and AfterOver the past few years, smartphones and other mobile devices have taken over the way people communicate. From using Facebook to chat with high school friends, to searching for directions in a new city, smartphones have almost become a necessity. But did you know one of the most common things people still use their smartphones for is to make actual phone calls?

We can make your website more mobile-friendly by turning your phone numbers into links that can be called automatically.

The screenshot shows a before and after picture. Before, if a user viewed our website from their phone, they would have to copy and paste the phone number or write it down before calling us.

Now, when a user visits our website from their mobile device and they touch the phone number, a prompt will be displayed asking to call the number. Brilliant!

People will appreciate this added website bonus, especially if they need an emergency plumber, heating & air service or even a propane delivery. In seconds, they can go from finding a contact number to calling it and getting the help they need.

If you need assistance adding this service to your website, please call us at (316) 239-6466.

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