Garvey Center’s New and Improved Website

responsive-showcase-presentationThe Garvey Center touts its location as downtown Wichita’s premiere address. It contains over 300,000 square feet of Class A office space including Wichita’s tallest apartment building – 250 Douglas Place. This iconic address is also the second tallest in the entire state of Kansas.

Garvey Center and 250 Douglas Place are easily some of the most recognizable buildings in Wichita so they needed a website that was equally impressive. A few months ago we were approached by Garvey Center to bring their website into the 21st century. Prior to our work, the old site was not mobile responsive and looked a bit outdated. Our goal was to modernize and refresh the website to reflect the Garvey Center’s interesting lines and highlight its amenities.

Mobile Responsive

A website must work well on all browsers and mobile devices. Google actually gives you a slap on the wrist if your site doesn’t meet its responsive requirements. The Garvey Center site is now accessible on all devices including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Not only is it accessible, it looks great!

Website Design Refresh

To help with the responsive elements, we also made adjustments to the layout and overall look of the site, while still staying true to their branding. Not only is the site pleasing to the eye, it’s also a breeze to navigate so potential tenants and guests can easily find photos of the venue, a list of amenities, available suites, contact information, and more.

Content Management System

The Garvey Center was originally built on a static HTML platform, but we moved the site over to WordPress for a number of reasons. The primary reason is the ease of use. WordPress makes it exceptionally easy for the client to update their own content. WordPress allows search engines to read and index the site. Each page contains its own set of meta tag keywords, description, and title allowing for improved search engine optimization. All WordPress sites are scalable, meaning the site can easily grow with the business. AND, a WordPress site is capable of containing hundreds of thousands of posts and pages.


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