Customer Testimonials WordPress Plugin and Widget

Customer Testimonials WordPress Plugin and Widget

There is no better advertising than a genuine customer testimonial. And even though a customer may tell you how happy they are, quoting or repeating them just isn’t the same as hearing it directly from them.

We created a WordPress plugin that allows the customer to write and publish their glowing review directly to your website.  We included an alert that notifies you of a new testimonial, along with the ability to review before posting online.

Customers just fill in the form along with their contact information, include details about the project and their comments and submit. You will receive an email notification alerting you of the submission so that you can login to your website to approve it. You could also make basic edits if you need to. Once it has been approved, it automatically feeds into the testimonials page and can be added to a rotating testimonials widget anywhere on the site.


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