Color Makes Everything Better

Thanks to a recent change in color, the team is feeling rejuvenated and extra cheerful at Lee Media Group. Two weeks ago, LMG began revamping its office style. We recently parted ways with our multicolored, elaborate wallpaper and replaced it with paint colors that were inspired by our brand guidelines. Simple yet inspirational shades of blue and purple now adorn our office walls. While it may seem like a small change, a fresh coat of paint is an effective way to make a noticeable improvement to any space.

After spending a few weeks in my newly renovated area, I can certainly attest to the fact that color in an office does matter. I chose a soft lilac purple for my walls and now my little corner of Lee Media Group has a unique personality that is both inviting and inspirational. Without a doubt, colors are incredibly powerful. They invoke particular emotions in each of us, therefore, it’s no surprise that the colors that make up our environment not only affect our mood, but our job performance and productivity too.

When picking paint colors for any area, it is important to decide what mood or tone you want to set. Blue and purple are calming shades that promote learning and communication. They also suggest balance and encourage imagination. I think that these colors go perfectly with our business’s needs and line of work.

While we still have more renovation work ahead of us, we are thrilled with the small changes that are taking place at Lee Media Group. It is exciting to see our dream for this building come true. We can’t wait to show you our future office improvements, but for now, grab a paint brush and add a pop of color to your office. Just make sure you get the boss’s approval first.

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