WordPress 4.5 Update

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbWordPress 4.5 is the next major version to be launched for WordPress, and with it comes some major changes to the way sites work.

Responsive Preview in Customizer

Before, if you wanted to test your site on any mobile device the best way to do it was by simply opening the site on whatever device you were testing. You could also simulate device work spaces by using third-party programs. The Device Preview within the WordPress Customizer now allows users to adjust their preview screens to match that of various mobile devices.

Embedded Twitter Moments

A user is now able to easily embed “Moments” from Twitter. To accomplish this, simply copy the Moments URL and paste it into the WordPress text editor for whatever page/post you are wanting it to appear on. This will create a visually pleasing, embedded post automatically.

Custom Theme Logo

Changing your sites logo has never been easier than it is with WordPress 4.5. Instead of having to code the image into your sites files, you can now simply go into your sites Customizer and upload the logo there. Developers can still customize exactly how a logo is displayed within the sites code.

Improved Image Performance

WordPress 4.5 has increased the amount of compression that is applied to images uploaded to sites. This results in a noticeable reduction on the file sizes, but with the added bonus of little change to the image quality. This will allow for sites to experience better performance, and less load time. Developers have the ability to override the default image quality value, if need be.

Along with the major changes implemented in 4.5, there are also over 372 bugs that have been fixed, so far. A number of other changes have been made to CSS and Javascript libraries within WordPress, so all developers should thoroughly test their sites after making the upgrade.

Full Guide of Changes

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