Forget One of Your 50 Passwords? Facebook Adds Helpful New Tool

Being our creative writer, I often find myself logging in to multiple computers to work on projects. In this digital age, passwords seem to run our lives and if you’re like me and need a variety of them to meet the “must be 8 characters long, include a symbol, number, uppercase letter…your middle name, your mom’s middle name, etc.” format, it’s easy to forget which is for what platform. Facebook is an app used in my leisure time on my phone and for my job, requiring me to log in and out and change my password often…frustrating if I forget to save it or store it somewhere!

Yesterday after trying my hand at maybe 3 or 4 password guesses, good ol’ Facebook had my back, prompting me with a screen including an option to log in with my phone. From there, a QR code was shown on my desktop. I searched “qr” as directed and under “Facebook Shortcuts” was “QR Code.” No download of another app needed, just a quick click, scan of the QR code on my desktop, click of “allow login” from my phone and boom. In like Flynn! Thank you for making my life a little easier in the world of technology, Facebook. I figured I’d share the news for those who also have a plethora of passwords.

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