Choose the Right Fit Campaign

2017 Wichita American Marketing Association Marketer of the Year Nomination

Project Description

Comfort Systems is a plumbing and HVAC provider in Wichita, Kansas. Lee Media Group rebuilt the Comfort Systems website and also assisted with their monthly marketing strategy including social media, collateral material, media buys, and official sponsorship of the Wichita State University Shockers. In late 2016, we launched the Choose the Right Fit campaign. The theme was used on the website, billboards, social media platforms, television commercial, and video brochure.

Choose the Right Fit Website Imagery


We wanted a tagline that would underscore the importance of finding the most qualified HVAC company in Wichita. With over 100 years in business, a 2016 Innovation Award from the Wichita Business Journal, and a host of accolades from happy customers, we knew the message was on point but we needed a visual representation of the hook. Our idea was to show small kids dressed in over sized or ill-fitting uniforms next to a tagline asking potential customers to, “Choose the right fit” for their heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. We knew cute kids + big uniforms + an easy-to-remember relevant slogan would go together nicely and allow for dozens of variations.


Photo Shoot
After locating pint size photogenic volunteers (ages 5 to 11) we rented a professional photography studio where we shot photos of the kids dressed as HVAC technicians. Comfort Systems was so excited by the concept, they loaned us uniforms, tools, and hard hats so the pictures would be as authentic as possible. The photos are pivotal to the campaign. Whether we use them for billboard, collateral material, or any other medium, we have a variety of poses to choose from that coincide with the highlighted service (heating, cooling, and/or plumbing).
Choose the Right Fit Photo Shoot

Static Billboards
As part of our contract with Comfort Systems, we negotiate and coordinate media buying efforts including billboard, TV, and radio. For the new campaign, we purchased three static billboards (with a 4th coming soon) and made sure they were placed in heavy traffic areas throughout Wichita. All the billboards have photos of different kids, but the branding (uniforms, font, colors, message) is the same. We felt this was a great way to get the Comfort Systems’ name in front of thousands of potential customers every single day.

Choose the Right Fit Static Billboards
Choose the Right Fit Static Billboards
Choose the Right Fit Static Billboards
Television Commercial for KSN
A few months after the photo shoot, we wrangled our tiny techs one more time to film a television commercial for KSN. Having our junior actors in oversized uniforms accompany two Comfort Systems technicians in the commercial drove home the running campaign tagline, “For heating, cooling, and plumbing, it’s important to choose the right fit” and “Call the pros.”
Choose the Right Fit Commercial Video Brochure
Sponsorship Tie-in
Comfort Systems is a corporate sponsor of the athletics program for Wichita State University (WSU). As sponsors, the company is allowed to use the image and likeness of the WSU mascot, Wu-Shock. During the photo shoot, Wu stopped by and donned a uniform shirt so we could snap a few pictures. Now, when Comfort Systems roots for WSU sports, or runs a ticket contest for its designated WSU men’s basketball game, we can use the likeness of Wu with the Choose the Right Fit tagline.
Choose the Right Fit Social Media Campaigns
Choose the Right Fit Social Media Campaigns
Choose the Right Fit Social Media Campaigns


The client was thrilled with the result and gave us carte blanche to run with the campaign in any direction we desired. Comfort Systems currently has three different static billboards across Wichita (with a fourth coming soon) depicting the slogan with pictures. We also created sliding images for the website, header photos for Facebook and Twitter, filmed a commercial with KSN, designed collateral material, and even created a unique portable video brochure. In the future, banners for WSU games will all have images that tie into the advertising campaign. We’re very proud of, “Choose the Right Fit, Call the Pros.”

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