ChatGPT & Repurposing Content

Repurposing Content: Use an Existing ‘Something’ in a Way That’s Different From Its Original Intent

We attended the SMPS Wichita luncheon at McCownGordon Construction on March 22 featuring Christina Beaird and Jen Lerner who presented “Repurposing Content Isn’t Lazy.” These ladies had some fun energy and were a dynamic duo in presenting strategies & tools for creating & reusing content on different platforms. We’re always looking for the next new piece of content, but what about pieces (or pieces of those pieces) that have done well? What if the timing was off and your audience didn’t see it that one time you posted it? Check out our key takeaways on how you can repurpose content for your brand:
  • smps repurposing content workshopAbide By the 7x7x7 Rule – Remembering a message takes 7 times, 7 ways & 7 channels. Look back on content that did well (or could do well). Have you shared (and reshared) it enough on multiple platforms? Could pieces of a social post be used in an email or proposal?
  • “Vet. Then vet again” – Fact check before and after your interviews.
  • Create a Writing Process
    1. Assess what you have
    2. Do some digging
    3. Build your inventory
    4. Make your findings searchable
    5. Add facts
  • Leverage ChatGPT –  Don’t be scared of ChatGPT taking your job! While we’ve all probably thought it – leverage & use it as a tool to outline & create a starting point for content. Can it help generate new ideas you might not have thought of? Think of it as an unbiased opinion on any topic you’re considering creating content for.
  • Prove ROI – Show how often content/images/video has been placed and reused on various platforms to improve impressions/engagement/conversions for your brand.
  • Use Content Tools – In addition to ChatGPT, try using tools like Otter AI to transcribe interviews more efficiently. There are also a variety of plagiarism checkers (i.e Grammarly) to ensure your content is original & won’t hurt your SEO.

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