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The Talent Solutions Coalition (TSC) is a talent supply chain providing talent management programs and services to the aviation industry.  The Wichita Area Technical College created TSC in response to the success of the National Aviation Consortium (NAC). TSC is one of a growing number of Talent Planning Management initiatives underway designed to help employers source talent from multiple markets, reduce talent acquisition costs, and improve talent retention.

Starting at the beginning of 2016, we worked closely with WATC staff to help create a brand and visual identity. We wanted the branding to be meaningful to numerous stakeholders across the aviation industry. Our development team also worked with them to create a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that would allow staff to manage their prospects, members, and sponsors as the enterprise gained momentum. Finally, with all these pieces in place, we created a visually engaging website that reflected their new brand and gave their members and sponsors the ability to manage their own content.

Integrated CRM Tool

Integrated <strong>CRM Tool</strong>

TSC needed a way to collect and manage member and sponsor information, so we created a unique CRM tool based on their specifications. The tool enables TSC to provide optimal support to its clients, supply chain members and marketing sponsors. Some of the CRM’s versatile features include interfacing directly with Outlook. This makes it easy to add new contacts via an export file, by forwarding a vcard, or email directly into the system.

The CRM was also built to integrate with the website once it launched to allow them to easily manage the status of their members and sponsors as the organization grew. In order to make sure they were able to start collecting prospect information as quickly as possible, the CRM went live prior to the completion of branding and the final website.

Branding + Logo Design

Branding + <strong>Logo Design</strong>

As a national initiative, TSC needed a logo and branding elements meaningful to numerous stakeholders across the aviation industry. We worked with another local agency to establish an appropriate name and identity for the new enterprise. We conducted research into trends in the aviation industry and similar models. With a list of potential names ready, a group of pre-determined stakeholders was interviewed to help narrow down the name and brand that would best represent the mission of this organization.

Once a name had been approved, and we began working on a logo for the new enterprise. We created a “winged T” logo to illustrate TSC’s commitment to the aviation industry. We furthermore complemented the logo with a coordinating color palette and font and a catchy tagline.

Responsive Membership Website

Responsive <strong>Membership Website</strong>

TSC needed an online presence that provided information about the organization and tools to maintain communication with members and sponsors. Using the WordPress platform, we created a website from scratch that is easy to navigate, mobile responsive, and easily accessible to TSC administrators. Members and sponsors are managed directly from the CRM tool we created. Once their accounts have been set up, members and sponsors have the ability to manage their own details on the website through the website.

After launch, we also provided support to members and sponsors to help them log in and manage their profile information. This included putting together an easy to follow “Getting Started” guide and providing support via phone and email.

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