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Topline Steel Buildings is located in Rose Hill, Kansas, and has grown over its 20+ years as a family-owned business to now provide custom steel buildings for businesses of all industries internationally.

They initially came to us in need of web hosting, maintenance/security, and paid ads. Once paid ads increased traffic, clicks, and conversions on their old website, it was time for a new website design too!

Paid Ads (SEM) Services

Paid Ads (SEM) Services

When they came to us, Topline was paying over $100,000 per year on traditional print advertising. Our team suggested starting Facebook Ads in addition to Google Ads – and Topline saw a HUGE return with a lower ad spend. They began getting so many leads (and conversions) from social media ads we created that Topline was able to eliminate $100,000+ in print ad spend.

Facebook Ads Statistics

  • Approximately 64,232 leads generated via Facebook Ads during 2023
  • Average Ad Cost Per Click (CPC) for 2023: $0.71 (Industrial industry average is $2.48)

Google Ads Statistics

  • Average Ad Conversion Rate for 2023: 9.48% (Industrial industry average is 3.37%)
  • Average CPC for 2023: $2.96 (Industrial industry average is $4.35)
Topline Steel Buildings Previous Homepage Topline Steel Buildings Refreshed Homepage

Before the 2020 refresh, Topline’s menu and navigation had a bulky design. The content was cluttered and repeated on duplicate pages. We consolidated it and streamlined navigation, which resulted in higher/faster conversions from the new influx of paid ad website visitors.

Our web and paid ad services include:

  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Paid Advertising (SEM)
  • Graphic Design

Because it’s built on the user-friendly WordPress platform, the Topline staff can easily add new projects and content.

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