Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool built from the ground up for local law firm

Patterson Legal Group is a law firm in Wichita, Kansas, that we have worked with for years. Because of our long history of providing web services to them, they came to us with a unique problem. They received many calls each day, but they didn’t have a very good system in place to keep track of them. At the time, they were using an Excel spreadsheet to log the calls, but it could only be used by one person at a time and it often crashed causing frustration and, sometimes, loss of data.

With these problems in mind, we designed and created a database that would store all of their data and make it easy for them to retrieve. Once that was in place, we created a web-based portal their staff could log in to each day to enter and manage that data easily.

Increased Efficiency and Revenue

Increased Efficiency and <strong>Revenue</strong>

The new system, which we have named the Get Organized (GO) Tool, has become an important part of their daily routine and has helped them book more cases and increase revenue since implementation. They are now able to manage and update potential clients and view simple statistics in real-time. They are also able to generate custom reports so they can see what types of requests they are receiving as well as where these requests are coming from. This has enabled them to determine how well their advertising is working.

Since the initial launch, we have added other useful features as well, including follow-up reminders for staff and the ability to create and schedule drip campaigns for potential customers. This means that they are able to set up a series of emails that automatically goes out to prospects at whatever interval they determine. The parameters are completely custom, and they can create multiple campaigns.

Benefits of the GO Tool

Benefits of the <strong>GO Tool</strong>
  • Easy to use – Even for that guy in the office who always needs help operating the Keurig. “Come on, Roger. Close the lid and push the button.”
  • Automated – No more sticky notes, memo pads or the dreaded spreadsheet.
  • Captured contact info – Email addresses and phone numbers! The holy grail of information. Handy for follow-up, newsletters, coupons, etc.
  • Back-end Roles – Program multiple permission levels, because if Roger can’t work the coffee maker, maybe he shouldn’t have admin level access.
  • Customization – The GO Tool does not just fit one mold. It is programmable to meet the unique set of needs and parameters for your business model.
  • Database-Driven – Unlike a spreadsheet, multiple users can add and update information at the same time.
  • All. The. Reports. – Custom reporting and integration features will amaze and delight all the office number-crunchers, chart-makers and data heads.

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