The Athletic Advisor

Custom Membership Website

The Athletic Advisor is a mental strength coach and college recruiting program designed to help student-athletes become their very best – in academics, sports, and in life.

With a mission to help student-athletes play sports at a collegiate level, the program is designed to walk participants through three levels of self-discovery, mental strength, and college recruiting. Students learn things like how to identify goals and overcome triggers step by step throughout the program with both coaches and parents overseeing progress until completion.

Ryan and Adam, owners of The Athletic Advisor, came to us in need of a way to implement their dream of helping more student-athletes become successful with a custom online membership and program.

custom integrations

custom <strong> integrations </strong>
  • Membership system with online registration and payment
  • Custom course system that allows students to work through content and exercises at their own pace
  • Immediate results as sessions are completed that help students see progress as they work through the program
  • Automated emails to parents and students as sessions are completed
  • Ability for parents to log in to track students’ progress
  • Lead captures that allow interested parents to request a preview of one of the sessions

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