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Quality Timber Products (QTP) is a land clearing service that also produces and sells residential and commercial cedar mulch products. President of the company and working owner, Paul Stearns, was interested in expanding his mulch business by offering animal bedding. He didn’t know how to add this new venture to his old website, and admitted the site hadn’t been updated in years. Adding urgency to the issue was an upcoming Kansas Dairyman’s Association (KDA) meeting that he wanted to attend, but needed presentation material. On a whim, he stopped by our office to see if we could help with any of his pressing issues. We handled them all. We updated his website, then sent Mr. Stearns off with new handouts and a video that became a popular attraction at a conference in Woodward, Oklahoma.

Although QTP had a Facebook page, it hadn’t been updated in some time. We are happy to help QTP grow their social media presence by helping to manage their Facebook account and Google Ads as needed.

Mobile Responsive WordPress Website

Quality Timber Products Old Website Quality Timber Products New Website


The old QTP website lacked a consistent design, was built on an unfriendly platform, contained outdated information, and was not mobile friendly. We created a new site built on the WordPress platform with a bold, fresh design scheme and updated pictures and content for all products and services that are optimized for search engines.

Our graphic designer even created a video to run in the background of the homepage. The new video showcases the impressive QTP feller buncher (a sophisticated land clearing machine) making quick work of cedar trees in a field. We also made the site mobile responsive and created personalized contact forms for land clearing, cedar products, and animal bedding.

Collateral Material + Video

Collateral Material + <strong>Video</strong>

Aside from his business cards, Mr. Stearns had no flyers or other information he could leave with potential customers, and certainly didn’t have anything to give away at the upcoming KDA meeting or spring conference. We quickly created an 8.5 x 5.5 two-sided flyer with pictures and content about QTP land clearing and mulch products with an emphasis on animal bedding.

Our graphic design specialist also created an 8-minute video that was shown on a loop at the Woodward, Oklahoma conference. Mr. Stearns reported to us later that his booth had a constant crowd gathered around the TV to watch the video.

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