custom accounting tool

Tena Mason, CPA and certified Profit First expert, came to us in need of a custom website for her accounting firm, On a Ledger. After we built the WordPress website and helped her establish branding, she came to us in need of a custom accounting tool for an idea she dreamed up. We went to work making it a reality with the Profit First Road Map.

our solution

our <strong>solution</strong>

We custom-created a user-friendly accounting tool that walks users through inputting and organizing business expenses to analyze and adjust their business spending. Expenses can be overwhelming for business owners, but the custom tool simplifies the process and offers explanations for what each expense entails.

Unlimited Road Maps can be created by users with monthly access. As figures change and finances fluctuate, customized results change accordingly to keep finances on the right path. Each customized report can be downloaded with advice tailored to each client’s changing needs.