Interactive fundraising platform for ongoing virtual fundraising to benefit Greater Expectations

The Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC) has been a long-standing customer of Lee Media Group. They came to us in 2017 in need of a new site for an ongoing virtual fundraiser to benefit Greater Expectations, a nine month program created by ILRC.

Greater Expectations individually tailors, designs and teaches job and organizational classes to autistic individuals from age 14 and up. The program is completely funded internally with no federal or state assistance and is in dire need of support to continue helping more individuals in need. Lee Media Group came to the rescue to help create a fundraising page called “Move It for Autism!”

WordPress Fundraising System

WordPress <strong>Fundraising System</strong>

With the ultimate goal being to raise funds for the Greater Expectations program, we created a custom WordPress theme based on a colorful design that incorporated lots of moving parts. The vibrant site is easy to use and navigate on all screen sizes and mobile devices. Participants can choose to donate and/or create a team and schedule fun activities of their choice to support the autism program. Real time tracking constantly updates teams, events, individuals and overall grand total of funds raised throughout the year.

We also integrated an Instagram feed that automatically features all posts that include the #moveitforautism hashtag. The website also includes a “Testimonials” section on the homepage, which allows users to read through stories of past/current parents or clients of ILRC and a “Success Stories” archive, which includes a video library of past clients “Moving It” in their own ways and the “FAQ” archive allows users to navigate to a single location if they have questions about the site or how to sign up and/or donate.

User-driven Team Fundraising

User-driven Team <strong>Fundraising</strong>


We needed to create a “one stop shop” for all processes on the “Move It for Autism” site. The creation of the team functionality and the fundraising system were key features to attain an automated, user-driven signup and donation process for users. Once an account is created, users can join a team or create their own. Team leaders can monitor their team’s progress and have access to tools that make it easy for them to promote their team/activity.

Visitors can easily donate to individual teams, campaigns and users, even without an account. All payments are processed through the website directly and all donations go to ILRC automatically.

Admin Tools + Reports

Admin <strong>Tools + Reports</strong>


To help administrators keep track of activity on the website, we developed a custom dashboard for them that gives them a quick rundown of all member, team and donation activity at a glance when they log in. They are also able to see a snapshot of their analytics progress from this area.

We also created tools that help admins manage team and activity pages, user accounts, and donations. Offline donations can be added directly through the dashboard to allow them to ensure all incoming donations are being tracked by the system.

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