kansas council for workforce education

Kansas Council for Workforce Education (KCWE)’s mission is to promote professional development for postsecondary career and technical education faculty and administrators. They work to affordably and effectively provide opportunities and resources for Kansas educators.

The organization is unique in that it focuses specifically on providing 2-year technical college faculty and staff with information about teaching, learning, training, career planning, and career development in education.

KCWE came to us in need of a website revamp and a new, vibrant logo. Their previous site had an outdated theme and was lacking in design, functionality, and mobile responsiveness to showcase the organization’s upcoming workshops, resources, and events to help continued education for Kansas educators.

They have several staff members updating information and needed an easy platform. Enter a custom WordPress website, custom theme, and new web development to make this happen!

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our team implemented new web development, web design, content, graphic design for KCWE’s website refresh. Visitors can now easily join KCWE or find and sign up for workshops, events, resources, and conferences. Teachers can also be submitted for awards or view past awards. Forms are also consolidated and easier for visitors to fill out.

  • User-friendly web design – Reworked KCWE’s main menu and navigation with clearer funnels & calls to action on a new, more vibrant custom design
  • Ecommerce – Visitors can find and purchase workshops, conferences, or seminars online
  • Content – Reorganized and created new content to be more user and search engine-friendly. Our writer implemented SEO (search engine optimization) on all main pages, in headlines, and on images to improve search results
  • Custom-built WordPress theme – The new custom theme is unique to KCWE and doesn’t limit design options
  • Mobile-responsive styling – KCWE’s website now adapts to fit all screen sizes for visitors
  • Logo design – Worked with the KCWE team through our new logo design process to create the perfect logo that better reflects KCWE’s mission and goals

Because it’s built on the WordPress platform, KCWE staff can easily update information as well. The e-commerce portion of the website has also drastically improved workshop and event attendance. Check out how we improved the Kansas Council for Workforce Education website!

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