Custom WordPress website to connect overseas students + showcase their history

The American Overseas Schools Historical Society (AOSHS) collects, records, preserves, and exhibits memorabilia for closed, current, or newly opened American schools for military families overseas.

AOSHS came to us in need of a new interactive WordPress website that not only illustrates their mission to preserve history, but gives members and the public access to digital archives of artifacts, yearbooks, and member stories.

While AOSHS is headquartered in Wichita, KS, AOSHS Board Members are located throughout the nation. Our team held many calls and screen sharing meetings throughout the process to coordinate the progression of the project.

AOSHS old site

How We Helped

When they came to us, AOSHS had a very outdated website that was hindering the organization’s mission of expanding their online museum, online yearbooks, membership management, and the digitizing of all things memorabilia/history from closed or current American overseas schools.

We created a fresh, vibrant design featuring a new color palette and logotype for the new website from scratch on WordPress. The new website’s custom web development features include an online payment system, interactive map, virtual museum, searchable online yearbook database, and digital memorials section as well as reworked and reorganized SEO and keyword-rich content.

We later received compliments from the organization in regards to the new branding from the site. “It all began with your designs at Lee Media Group…our business identity has developed in the past year with the beginning of the new website design in Spring 2019.”

Custom Programming + Integrations

Custom Programming + <strong>Integrations</strong>
  • Yearbook archive with an interactive map that currently includes over 1,000 entries and 300 overseas school
  • Integration with Amazon AWS for file storage
  • Ecommerce with online payment feature for member dues donations
  • Memories section for members to write stories and experiences
  • Memorials section to view digital versions of dedicated memorial tiles
  • By the end of 2020, the website will also include a virtual museum that will allow visitors to check out the memorabilia that AOSHS has collected throughout the years
  • We also built a custom dashboard that allows office staff to manage memberships, email members, view reports, send mass email alerts and reminders, and manage yearbooks as they are scanned

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