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Adventure-Based Social Network

The Adventurous Babes Society is an organization based in Wichita, Kansas, that encourages women to step out of their comfort zone, try new things, and have fun. While their group is based on face-to-face activities, the membership website is the backbone of their communication and enables members to organize, plan and find “adventures” to attend in their area.

We have worked with the Adventurous Babes since 2012 since the launch of their initial website. As the organization has changed over the years, their needs for the website have changed as well, and we have worked closely with them along the way to ensure that the website keeps up with their growth.

Responsive Website Design Overhaul + Refresh

Adventurous Babes Society Old Website Adventurous Babes Society 2016 Redesign

We created a website that made it easy for users to interact with one another, find new events, and purchase their apparel. The web design shows the benefits of becoming a member and makes it easy to become a new member or manage your member account online with integrated membership features.

We started by creating a design that took advantage of several of their vibrant member photos, and removed a lot of the clutter from the header and the footer. Instead of the dark colors on their old website, we did a complete overhaul of their color scheme to make it brighter and more fun. We also simplified the main menu and re-worked the homepage to give visitors a clear path to joining.

For logged-in members, we used icons in the header to give them access to each area of their profile. The Adventurous Babes Society had a custom WordPress membership website in place already, so we retained all of those features with a new, cleaner look. Important notifications stand out more, and features like profiles and messages are available from any page of the website.

Interactive Event Registration

Interactive <strong>Event Registration</strong>

As part of this process, we also did a major overhaul of their existing event registration system, integrating ecommerce it with a new shopping cart to make it easier for members to manage their event registrations and even transfer tickets to other members. Adventures are an important part of this group and require management through the website. Members are able to sign up for adventures as long as there are open spaces available. They register and pay directly through the website which gives organizers a list of who to expect.

Many of these features already existed on their old website, but we added some new functionality for members including the ability to transfer tickets they have already purchased to a new member as well as better organization for adventures. They are now able to search by category, keyword, or even view upcoming events on an interactive map. On the back end side of things, we have been working with organizers to give them better tools to manage the events they are hosting to save them time in the long run.

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