We are looking for an experienced Office Administrator to help manage the administrative tasks for our growing agency! This would include welcoming and directing clients, coordinating meetings and appointments, answering phones and transferring calls, communicating information, assist with client contracts, proposals, process and procedure documents, and providing administrative support to our team.

Job Description / Duties

  • Reception – answer phones, sign for deliveries, prepare shipments, run errands
  • Keep office tidy and organized
  • Coordinate Client scheduling and managing status meetings
  • Gather information and research for assigned tasks
  • Friendly, confident phone and interpersonal skills
  • Manage emails, other forms of correspondence and communication
  • Support bookkeeping and budgeting procedures
  • Create and update databases and records for project information, clients, and other data
  • Track and replace office supplies as necessary to avoid interruptions in standard front office procedures
  • Submit reports and prepare proposals and presentations as needed
  • Assist colleagues whenever there is an opportunity to do so
  • Order gifts as needed
  • Assist with IT tasks such as printer support
  • Prepare documents and presentations for meetings
  • Coordinate with vendors that provide service to our office
  • Assist with modifying and renewing client contracts
  • Assist with developing and updating office procedures and other process documents
  • Assist with social and team building activities

Required Skills

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office and Google Docs
  • Familiarity with spreadsheets
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Draft and communicate clear and concise messages
  • Very detail-oriented and thorough
  • Cooperative and supportive attitude
  • Always strive for quality and process improvement
  • Maintain strict confidentiality when dealing with clients, documents, company processes

Posted April 19, 2022