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Lee Media Group Receives 4th Review on Clutch, Continues 5-Star Streak with Top Website Design Services

E-commerce and online shopping have boomed significantly and online industries have grown (especially due to the pandemic) with many companies migrating their businesses online.

As a small, yet agile web development and digital marketing agency, we’ve managed to work and handle different types of projects from all companies with different backgrounds and industries. We’re proud to have worked with wonderful people around the world and we’re highlighting one of the recent projects we handled right here in Kansas with an awesome review on Clutch!

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Our team was hired by Kansas Council for Workforce Education (KCWE) to improve their website by integrating a sign-up form and payment system for post-secondary educators to have a seamless application and checkout process when signing up for workshops and other events to further their careers.

“Our Website had zero traffic and we were relying on emails for registrations. We wanted an updated website that offered a single source for information, sign-ups, and payment for our events.” –  Scott Lucas, KCWE President-Elect

kansas council for workforce education
Kansas Council for Workforce Education New Logo

We started off by discussing the project in order to understand KCWE’s goals. Before web development and web design began, we opted to restructure and redesign KCWE’s logo and worked with them to decide on the new color schemes to use.

Our team was able to deliver everything on time and meet the client’s expectations throughout the project. On the other hand, this wouldn’t be a successful project without the collaborative efforts from both teams. We were open to ideas and communicative throughout the project, which helped in strengthening our relationship with KCWE. 

Communication, responsiveness, and skill are the secret ingredients for a successful project and we are honored and privileged to work with KCWE. We look forward to creating solutions as needed to help KCWE improve its organization. Check out their new website!

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