Holy Cross Lutheran School Website

Holy Cross Lutheran offers preschool, elementary, and middle school education with a focus on spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social growth in children. We have worked with Holy Cross since 2012 and have been through several website refreshes to keep it fresh and updated. Our most recent website refresh in 2023 was to consolidate content, simplify the layout, and make things more modern overall.

Holy Cross Lutheran School Website BEFORE Holy Cross Lutheran School Website AFTER

The new website is still built on the WordPress platform, but we did a full content overhaul and added custom backend features that make it easier for HCLS staff to manage.

  • Streamlined form management – A dedicated area in the dashboard that allows website admins to manage forms and important links without having to update them on a page-by-page basis
  • Custom web development – An updated staff directory that syncs with the staff directory on the Holy Cross Lutheran Church website using the WordPress REST API
  • A custom website theme – Uses page templates with layouts that can be easily customized based on the content of each page
  • Responsive website design – The refreshed website design is fully responsive and formats for both looks and functionality on any device
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