Meet Martin J. Keenan, Wichita’s Coolest Criminal Defense Attorney

Our team recently built a new custom WordPress website for Wichita criminal defense attorney, Martin J. Keenan. Call us biased, but after our initial kick-off meeting, we realized that we had the privilege of building a new website for one of the coolest lawyers around.

A lawyer, dad, accomplished author, award-winning instructor, film festival presenter, speaker, and NAACP member who is largely active in the community (Family Crisis Center Board of Directors, and Boy Scouts of America Chairman)…is there anything this man of many hats can’t do?

martin j keenan wichita criminal defense lawyer

Who We Helped

Martin “Marty” Keenan is a Kansas native with 35 years of legal experience. The Wichita criminal defense attorney has a true passion for his clients and their constitutional rights. Marty needed to set himself apart as an experienced, fairly priced lawyer who is available 24-7 to help in times of legal crisis. He had a basic website with contact information, but needed a full website to inform potential clients of his services and what makes him a unique lawyer.

What We Did

After meeting with Marty and listening to his tone of voice, mission, client/case focus, and unique traits – our writer went to work organizing and creating new keyword-rich content. We created a new menu, layout, and design with clear funnels to guide visitors to information quickly and how he can help. The images and content were created to build trust for potential clients on Marty’s new website. An entire page, “Meet Marty,” introduces him to his audience to showcase him professionally and personally.

How We Did It

While our team offers writing services, Marty is an accomplished writer and will write blogs himself, so it was important that he is able to easily update content on his own.

  • Easy to edit content management system (CMS), WordPress
  • Built in optimization tool
  • Custom-built WordPress theme
  • Vibrant, eye-catching design
  • Fully responsive on all devices

Client Comments

“Lee Media Group is spectacular. They help you make money. They help connect you to customers who need help. Before you even decide to hire them, the whole crew spends about an hour listening to what your ideas and needs are. They give you the gift of attention. They each have an expertise.

After listening, they collaborate and put together a fabulous website and other internet features based on what you told them. They did this for my law firm and it has made a big difference. They know what it takes to succeed in advertising TODAY. My website has all of the state-of-the-art features. It gives me more ways to help more people with their legal problems. Lee Media Group is way smarter than me about what they do. But they know the customer is an expert on one thing: his or her business. They join knowledge of tech with keen insights about people.” – Martin J. Keenan, Attorney at Law

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Julie is the driving force behind all content that goes into various marketing platforms for our clients. She is a content chameleon, changing writing styles and tones as needed among various clients to match personalities and help their marketing strategy succeed. Read More About Julie.

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