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As many of our friends and clients know we moved in to our first official office building in April.As many of our friends and clients know we moved in to our first official office building in April. Let me tell you it has been quite the journey moving us from Mia’s basement and satellite office in Wichita to a real brick and mortar building that we own and where we can all have our own space. I wanted to share our journey with you, and some of the unexpected perks and challenges we’ve had along the way.

The first perk of a new office building is being able to expand our staff. Having more space has allowed us to hire three new employees including graphic designer (Kelsey), content writer (Dani) and high school intern (Kiehn). Having more employees creates a fun atmosphere with all the different personalities, talents and ideas added to our staff.

This infusion of new talent means we can also expand our services. Now we can offer new and existing clients the option of handling their photography, graphic design work, content writing, and much more. We have implemented Monday morning staff meetings that may include a few sweet treats from time to time. These weekly gatherings ensure that we keep communication flowing on all projects, which allows us to exceed our customer’s expectations. It also allows us to brainstorm and share ideas about websites or marketing materials that help take our creativity to the next level.

The second added perk of having the new building is all the additional business it has created for us. We’ve been amazed at all the calls we’ve received from businesses in Wichita inquiring about our services due to their employees driving by our sign in Rose Hill.

As much as we love the perks, we knew there would be some challenges, and we’re slowly working through them. Just like a new house, an office building needs to be furnished. A few of us may have had to take turns using a fold up table as a work space, but now we all have desks, computers, and our conference room has chairs. Handyman Mark spent many evenings putting together furniture, hanging décor and working on random projects for us. There are so many small things that are necessary to run a business that get overlooked until you find yourself actually trying to function in the new space.

This week, the ladies of Lee Media Group are pretty excited to have paint on our walls. Although it’s still a work in progress, when the painting is complete, each office will be varying shades of blue or purple. It might seem a little wild but it represents our fun and creative side. It’s the little things like paint, blinds, chairs, and of course, new office supplies, that make moving into a new building fun.

I encourage everyone to stop by and say hi. We love showing off the new home of Lee Media Group.

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