Lee Media Group Acquires Netwerx Creative Web Design Firm

Dee Dunlap, Mia Lee, and Lee Media Group Staff
Dee Dunlap, Mia Lee, and Lee Media Group Staff

Recently, Lee Media Group acquired Netwerx Creative, a long-time web design firm serving many Wichita area clients. For Netwerx Creative founder Dee Dunlap, the transfer is a necessary next step toward a long-awaited retirement, but her decision to step away from her 19-year business was not taken lightly. “I knew it was time and it was the right thing to do,” she said. “I just didn’t know what company would be the best fit for my clients. Then I met Mia, and it was like destiny.”

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Dee and Mia make a connection

During their first meeting, Dee and Mia quickly discovered they had been living parallel professional lives, yet didn’t know the other existed. When the world wide web was just a baby, both women immersed themselves in the male-dominated field of web development by learning HTML code. They would eventually start their own businesses and each company would amass a hefty loyal client base. While Mia eventually hired employees to help her branch out from website creation to include professional services including writing, graphic design, social media, and a higher skill level of programming capabilities, Dee continued to be the sole face of Netwerx Creative.

For Dee, finding a good home for her clients was a top priority. “Once I sat down with Mia and learned more about her and the company, it just felt right,” Dee explained. “I’ve always bent over backward to hit a deadline, and I knew Lee Media Group would provide the same level of customer service.” The fact that Lee Media Group is a Kansas certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) was also important to Dee.

As a result of the acquisition, Lee Media Group now has 19 new clients that represent a variety of business types. Some of these new clients include Builders, Inc., a residential, commercial, and industrial real estate development company that has been in business for more than six decades, and U-Stor, a Self-Storage company with seven locations.

So far, the transition has been a smooth one. The staff at Lee Media Group are easy to get a hold of and quick to answer questions. I like that. ~Troy Hagerman, Property Manager U-Stor Self-Storage.

Getting back to her life

Now that Dee is settling into semi-retirement, she’s excited to spend more time with her husband and grand babies. In the short time Lee Media Group has been managing her clients, Dee has been so busy “having a life again,” she wonders how she ever had time to work all those 60-hour weeks. “Nature fills a void,” Dee said. “There are days I miss my clients, but I know they’re in good hands.”

Moving forward

Lee Media Group is providing hosting, social media and web services to these clients, some of which have already had a makeover, additional marketing consultations, or mobile friendly enhancements made to their sites. “It’s been a great adventure getting to know these new businesses,” said account manager, Kelsey Shackelford. “We’ve already been able to help and solve problems because of our diverse support staff.”

Mia is proud to have the endorsement of the woman who refers to her as a soul sister, and she’s honored Dee chose Lee Media Group to carry on the legacy of her company. “Large or small, we care about all our customers,” said Mia. “We’ve happily adopted all the Netwerx Creative clients into our family.”

Lee Media Group employs a team of three people from Rose Hill, four from Wichita and one from Winfield.



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