Collaboration – 5 Tips Your Team Will Thank You For

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Like many writers, I often prefer to be tucked away in a quiet room with the sound of a white noise rain app tinkling through my head phones. I also like to have snacks handy. That’s not relevant information for this post, just a fun fact. And while this cave-dwelling behavior is appropriate at times, it’s also important for me to mingle with my fellow employees and clients, because collaboration.

For years I’ve been a freelance writer and editor so although I’m familiar with the importance of in-person and online collaboration, working at Lee Media Group has taken it to a whole nutha’ level.

Now, instead of writing an email, sending a text AND pinging on Gchat (I can be impatient) then waiting for an answer, I can just shout across the hall. And I do, “HEY, KELSEY, I ADDED THE WORDS TO ALL THE THINGS.” It’s quite liberating.

Effective collaboration is important for smooth communication between clients and employees. It saves time and helps develop positive working relationships, but there are definitely some intricacies to developing this necessary skill.

Look at the list below and see if your company could benefit from a few of these tips!

5 Things You Need to Implement Today for Better Collaboration 

Stock the Tool Shed With Hammers, Not Torpedo Levels – Do you know what a torpedo level is? Exactly. Choose communication tools that are familiar and easy to use, not obscure programs. We use the uber-friendly management tool, Basecamp, for all of our projects.

Does Everyone Have a Script? Do They Know Their Lines? – Your cast (just go with the analogy) should be made up of people with individual strengths. Before starting a project, make sure each person knows their role, but choose a few who can also be flexible understudies.

Designate a Taskmaster – The taskmaster is the first cousin to the gatekeeper, and you need one, particularly when it comes to meetings. The taskmaster makes sure everyone sticks to the agenda so the conversation doesn’t turn into a 30 minute recap of last night’s Survivor episode.

Oh No He Di’unt – Having respect for the team and the client should be a no-brainer but people often misstep in this area without even realizing it. Be on time, don’t interrupt, stay on task, be prepared and don’t hog the conversation, or the buffalo chicken dip.

Snaps for Stacie – Give genuine praise for a job well done. Remember in school when you got stickers, suckers or that big A+ for doing something super awesome? Adults need affirmation too.

Share your ideas. What advice do you have for creating a collaborative environment within the home team, and with clients?

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