Julie and copy – a way with words.

Whether it be good ol’ fashioned pen and paper or typing up a storm on the computer, Julie loves using words to effectively get the point across.

Julie was taught older methods of copywriting, creating concepts for traditional print, but saw the rapid growth of an online audience and quickly adapted her versatile writing skills to appeal to a web-based market.

She wrote for an online magazine, but soon found her place at Lee Media Group, targeting this growing web market by growing businesses online.  Julie uses her editing hawk-eyes to ensure that businesses creatively and cleverly get the online exposure they deserve.
Julie Hannemann, HootSuite Certified Professional
Julie researches your business and others in your niche, finds what’s unique about you and uses a fun and lively approach to illustrate that.  Through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, she helps create an online personality and enables the voice you want for your business by talking and interacting with your community daily.  New potential customers are reached through an online “word-of-mouth,” seeing their friends and other businesses interacting with yours.  Julie uses various tools to manage multiple social media accounts and is certified as a Hootsuite Professional.

Julie has an exceptional understanding of how to talk to people in person, so she simply converts that charisma into words online, specializing in social media.  Whether you prefer a formal or relaxed image for your company, or both, this copy chick will be your voice through words.  She’s not picky about what style of writing, just as long as she can write some words.  In fact, you just got done reading them…

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